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June 27, 2009


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congratulations! and hooray for the end of the school year!

i feel the need to point out that the reason your kids were able to come so far in one year is because they are *your* kids. you are an amazing teacher - creative, patient, generous - did i mention patient? did i mention amazing? you should be proud of your kids, but also be proud of yourself - you do wondrous work!


Congratulations! I am so proud of you and your amazing accomplishment. From snotty aliens to functional students is quite the transformation. love YOU!


that just makes me want to cry! you're doing a good thing with your life, cmv.


Sounds like an amazing year. You must have the patience of a saint!


I must say as a future early elementary educator your story is extremely inspirational...I have come across far too many burnt out teachers throughout my education that just don't seem to care anymore....you do amazing work! :) and I love all of the pictures!!


This really made me smile. What a lovely post! I do the same every year.... however difficult the year has been, when it's that last few days of summer term, suddenly they become the loveliest classI've ever taught, I'm teaching Year 3 at the moment, that's 7 and 8 year olds here in England. Hope you're enjoying the holidays! :D

Marie Shaftoe

This just made me cry! Think it's a combination of the hormones and the fact that my cousin is brilliant!

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