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September 20, 2009


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hooray for sister knitting time!
you totally need to write a dr. seuss-esque book about sister knitting! this post is very seuss-esque.
the scarves look great- and i'm totally drooling over your campfire knitting time...
but i am MOST drooling over the headlamp knitting- what an awesome idea!

hooray for a wonderful weekend with meghan & co!


Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Congratulation on the scarf progress, they look great.


Cute knitting pictures! Love the headlight idea...Jon likes to use his headlight for reading and he laughed at me because I wanted one so that I could knit in the dark. Now I see that it wasn't a crazy idea after all :)

Thanks for the link to the red scarf project! I definitely want to make one this year.

Anna Gueldenhaupt

That's brilliant. I always get funny looks when I'm knitting in the car, on the train, in the pub, but I'm inspired by your headlamp action!


I love the saturated color in your first picture.
I miss camping knitting...maybe next year. Last year I used the headlamp in front of the campfire because we didn't have enough wood to make it bright enough for sock yarn :)


woo hoo sisters! :) Thanks again for a wonderful weekend!:) I miss miss miss you! We need a pumpkin spice date...is there a Starbucks between Omaha and Mankato? :) haha


It's like a Dr Seuss knitting book lol. I love the headlight knitting.

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