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November 22, 2009


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Lovely pictures, you two! The rain has been too torrential to get my camera outside much, but perhaps today as there is a break in the systems.


Absolutely beautiful you guys! I'd love to play along from North Carolina. We are on our way out of town in a few minutes.
Love to you both!


Great pictures Melissa, thanks so much for sharing!
I'll try to see what I can capture here myself.


So pretty. The difference in the quality of light in fall really struck me this season. I don't know why I never fully noticed it before. Maybe because we've had such a sunny and warm November?


Gorgeous images...and what a great idea for the two of you to share! Too many meetings indoors to participate this week...but I'll try to see what I can capture in the last few days of the month!


Beautiful and thought-provoking photographs. Thank you so much.


Gorgeous photos! It is so cool to see how varied this country is and to see your different perspectives.


Beautiful pictures! It's so nice to see some sunshine as in the Seattle area we are getting everything, but sun.

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