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December 20, 2009


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beautiful - beautiful - beautiful.

you are amazing and i love you! thank you for sharing your magical snow with us!


Beautiful images Claire! I can just feel the silence and peace that comes from being out in a heavy snow...magical.


Lovely photos. Thank you. Enjoy the snow and stay nice and warm in all your hand knits!


Wow. Just, wow.


How very peaceful. I love how these pictures really remind me to slow down and calmly enjoy this magical season.


Oh my word! How much more magical can it get; twinkling lights and freshly fallen snow! Perfect! Love your photos, as always. Have a fabulous Christmas break. Ros


It must be truly magical to find that quiet and peace in a city that is usually so full and bustling. beautiful.


wow. feels like i was there with you. what settings did you use,if i may ask? my night time photos are always orange as i rely on auto settings.

maya | springtree road



Gorgeous pictures!


Wow! That is such a pretty storm. I especially love seeing the bridge photos with the lights.


I love your snow at night photos! I think the one with the umbrella needs to be framed!

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