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January 24, 2010


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That sounds good! Mr JK grows courgettes (as we call 'em!) and I'm always on the lookout for a new recipe, especially one with chocolate in it! Will make a change from courgette soup! Thank you!


Looks pretty close to the recipe I use. I was just making room in my freezer and found a loaf from summer - yay!!


mmmm- sounds (and looks) delicious! thanks for sharing!


Yummy! Yummy! That sure sounds good!Cinnamon, nutmeg and chocolate all make for something delicious. Thanks for the recip. Ros


YUM! My mouth is watering. I'm baking a pear bread right now that has a very similar recipe. Oh, how is your other bread baking going?


mmmmmm...I have a bag of zucchini in my freezer. I might just indulge :)


that sounds (and looks) so yummy, thanks for sharing your recipe!


mmmmm...and I have some packages of shredded zucchini sitting in the freezer waiting for a use. Thanks for the recipe. It will be made.


yummy! zucchini bread is my most favorite thing...chocolate chips make it even better.

I have never thought of freezing zucchini before. I will definitely be doing that this summer.


i am so going to make this - it won't be long till the zucchinis are ready here - in the meantime i shall can on!


That zucchini bread looks super yummy! I made chocolate chip zucchini muffins and they were fab!

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