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January 03, 2010


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When I was a student in Ottawa a number of the national museums and galleries were free in the winter. I still think of those visits fondly, especially to the Science Museum and the Art Gallery. When you're not paying you don't feel guilty if you spend all your time in front of your favourite painting, etc.

Lucky you!


Lucky you! I hope that the kids and their families take advantage of such a fantastic opportunity.


how fun!
the pictures are fantastic!! i can't wait to see what else you can discover and share with us!

and woot woot for free museums when the sandwich heads to nyc in february!! (if we can tear ourselves away from the olympic coverage that is.)


Sign me up! I'm so excited about hitting all sorts o museums. You probably don't want to listen to where I want to go (remember the New Museum, I was not impressed) but I'd love to go to the Guggenheim again.


What an awesome opportunity! Good luck with your goal...can't wait to see the photos you take.

Love the one with the balloon and party hat!


Oh, that sounds just too fabulous! There is a train from Chicago to NYC right? Hmmm...a baby on the train sounds a little rough. I'll have to ponder that one :)

Mom A.

Your artistic eye continues to amaze me. Love the way you created a new eye painting with the addition of the little girl in front of the party hat. I want to come see you too!
Mom A.

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