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January 28, 2010


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i love these pictures! especially the one of the couple at the guggenheim and the first one from the met.

i can not wait to be in nyc and hit up a couple museums with you (as long as it doesn't interfere with the hours and hours of olympics we need to watch, really we must have our priorities!)


Can we go to the Met when we are in town? I have never been there. Does the card get you into ellis island? I have never been there either. Oh! and the Whitney!
Ok, we might have to watch olympic re-caps at night after the museums have closed. I am so excited!


What a great opportunity to see all these places! I'll have to keep living vicariously from afar but it sounds like great fun that you guys will have some museum time with your reunion!


How wonderful it must be to have a card like that. If I pay for admission, I always want to see AS MUCH AS I CAN and I give up once I get museumed out. The brain can get really overloaded with so much beauty. Just popping in for an hour or less and really taking the time to look at the architecture or soaking in only one exhibit would be such a treat.


this museum card is such a great opportunity for you! Loved seeing the pics of the museum. The red and grey (dirt) stripes in the first photo are so cool


I am truly jealous of this card. What a wonderful thing, to be able to just pop in. And I know you, Melissa and Lindsey will have so much fun using it as well!

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