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January 05, 2010


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maya | springtree road

i completely agree about atticus finch. now there's a man! the talk he has about the watch and the pearls. gets me every time.

my top 5:

1. The Godfather I & II (the clothes, the look, the revenge. sweet.)
2. The Matrix (i <3 keanu. so sue me. ;) but the sequels shouldn't exist)
3. Amelie (a contender for a girl name, should we have another)
4. Moonstruck ("I lost my hand! I lost my bride! You want me to take my heartbreak, put it away and forget it?!")
5. Heathers ("I brought you to a Remington party and what's my thanks? It's on a hallway carpet. I got paid in puke." "Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up.")


Top Five: all romantic comedies, in no particular order because that is just too hard...

1) Love Actually (love me some brits and the music)
2) Definitely, Maybe (music is great and Ryan Reynolds)
3) The Holiday (Jude Law was dreamy)
4) Pride and Prejudice (I love all versions long or short)
5) When Harry Met Sally (that is the most classic and perfect ROMCOM ever: "I'll have what she is having" Men and women can't be friends, etc)


oh man! i'm feeling awful because i forgot to put the breakfast club on there! i had every intention of including the breakfast club! it was an absolute staple of my adolescence..... oh sheesh, i knew this would happen!


Five? Only five? Yikes....

1. Grease
2. Say Anything
3. Benny and Joon
4. Like Water for Chocolate
5. Cinema Paradisio

Those are five I'll watch if I see them on the TV listings, no matter how many times I've already seen them.


I agree with Kate...five??? How can I only name five??? That sort of seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

Okay, these are the ones that pop into my head first...of course 50 more will pop into my head before the day is over. :)
1. Amelie
2. Leon the Professional
3. The Goodbye Girl
4. The Lives of Others
5. and I'm cheating a bit and saying '1980's John Hughes'


Hmmm...just 5 may be difficult, so I'll stick with the staples:

1. The Sound of Music - I wanted to be Maria!
2. The Princess Bride - simply hilarious
3. Casablanca - beautiful, bittersweet
4. North by Northwest - classic suspense
5. Amelie - a beautiful reminder of how important the small things are

Thank you for sharing yours!


Here's my top 5:
Life is Beautiful
The Sound of Music
The Royal Tenenbaums
Garden State
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

with Amelie, Babe, and West Side Story right up there too

...and I'm pretty sure that I can quote the entire Home Alone movie because I've seen it so many times :)


You ladies know how much I adore the top 5 lists, but this one was very hard to narrow down. After much internal debate, I still have eight, so I'm just going to comment and stop mildly agonizing over this :) They are roughly in order, I think.
Billy Elliot
Off the Map
My Neighbor Totoro
Pride and Prejudice-2005 version
Winged Migration

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