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February 05, 2010


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Oooh yes! We Canadians love our winter olympics, because we actually can hold our own a bit with it.

1. All the fast sports - luge, speed skating, downhill skiing.

2. Clara Hughes. Only the fourth ever athlete to compete and medal in both winter and summer olympics (cycling and speed skating). She's Canada's flag bearer this year as well.

3. Cross country skiing. Such drama as they cross the lines at the end - like the summer marathon.

4. Elizabeth Manley, 1988 figure skating. The bounciest girl ever.

5. The quarter finals shoot-out between Germany and Canada in men's hockey, 1992. I was book-keeping at a retail store and had the game on in the office, providing updates over the store sound system. The whole store cheered after the tense shoot-out was won by Eric Lindros' goal.

I think I could do 10 :)


Well I'm just excited to be lucky enough to attend both the Opening Ceremonies and the Ice Dance Final this year. I'm getting both excited and emotional right now, as "next week at this time" is running through my mind. Here's looking forward to many memories, like the ones you both have mentioned here, at the 2010 Games. Oh, and I'll Twittering through my time in Vancouver, so be sure to follow me (closetomyheart on Twitter) if you are interested. I have an IPhone so there may even be pics in real time.


Well, I'm going to give away my age with some of my top Winter Olympic moments! Torvill and Dean's Bolero routine winning the ice dance gold, Robin Cousins winning gold for GB, Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards and his ski jumping......... Have a great time together. Will you manage to get any knitting done between all the chatting and TV watching?!


Oh, how I wish I could participate but I actually don't know much about the winter olympics...between no access to television channels and winter field work the past 12 years, it's been ages since I've seen any television coverage. Growing up, we focused on the summer olympics and I have many memories of those...so I'll wait 2 years and participate in that one. :)

I did enjoy reading your favorite moments though (I was just introduced to curling last year when I worked in Canada during winter and it was all that was on TV in the hotel at nights...I'm still a bit confused by the game, but I'm working on it!). Have a blast getting together sandwiches!

Mary de B

Four years ago I watched the opening ceremonies in a pub in Cambridge, with my Knitting Olympic teammates! And that must be my Olympic memory, because I don't really follow very closely! I do like to watch the figure skating, but since I don't have a TV, that's a bit iffy.


I can't believe that I missed reading the blog on the day of the top 5 list! And this one may be my favorite list yet! I love that you each wrote stories behind your choices and that those stories reflect the passion behind your choices. I thought that I loved the Olympics, but those feelings seem pale in comparison. the knitting sandwich rocks!


I love Olympic ice skating and all the drama and fashion choices it entails. I'm still bummed that Michelle Kwan never got her gold and Katarina Witt was always my favorite (maybe I can netflix the KW and BB movie).

Curling is super big in Detroit (so close to Canada). We went to a beginner's night a few years ago to learn the basics (I'm a great sweeper). I think I might have to join a league next winter once I'm finished with school :)


The anticipation is palpable. The world is ready. This year's Olympics are going to be amazing. My eyes will be glued to the tv, enjoying every minute. It is a time for the world to come together, in peace and good old-fashioned competition. Let the games begin!

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