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February 17, 2010


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oh i love you too!!
it was such a lovely extended weekend - thanks for hosting us. i had a marvelous time. i miss you and lindsey and mr. lama as well!
let's do this again. and soon.


I second that 'let's do it again' soon notion!
It was wonderful to just be in the same room as you both and feel the love radiating.
love and miss you. Thank you so much for letting us come and play!


Looks like you had a great time together! It's now over 20 years since I graduated from Uni, and five of us still meet up annually. There's a few more grey hairs each time, but inside we still feel like we're students!


Looks like you all had a fabulous time together! How fun that you're able to meet up with each other even though you are all states apart :)


Oh, it looks like such a great time. I especially love the top picture Claire.


The first time I saw this post, the socktopus picture didn't come through. That is SO adorable! I love the picture of it on Lindsey's beautiful belly and Henry sure felt like he had 8 feet kicking me in there. That pic is definitely one for the framing.

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