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March 06, 2010


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Mary de B

Hmm. London, Paris, Rome, Budapest, Moscow. Although I've already been to three of them.

Okay, places I haven't been: Budapest, Moscow, Barcelona, Cairo, Istanbul. Who needs wide open spaces, anyhow?

Or I'd go to Alaska, Banff, Baffin Island, Hawaii, the Amazon valley. Who needs big cities, anyhow?

I'll go anywhere, I guess!


Costa Rica, St. Lucia, Alaska, Poland, and Italy.


The one place I'd like to go that I haven't been to yet is Greece. Honestly, though, I've done a fair bit of traveling and I'm not a big traveler anymore. I'm pretty content to explore close to home, I feel like even with that I'll never see it all.


I love to travel, but often end up re-visiting old favourites, when really I ought to be exploring new places. Let me see now, I'd love to go to New York, Prince Edward Island, New Zealand, The Shetland Islands and Russia.


You guys need to start a knitting sandwich travel company. I'd love to join you on all of these trips!

My top five are
Machu Picchu
New Zealand
Nova Scotia/PEI


Oh wow - I want to go to all of those places! Today my top 5 are: Budapest, Galapagos Islands, Istanbul, Tibet, Costa Rica.


Kathmandu, Ireland, New Zealand, Alaska and Bhutan. i'm not sure if they are in that order. i'm looking forward to getting out today just to pick up milk, so traveling seems like such a far off possibility that i can't really wrap my head around it. i'm looking forward to blog photos from all of your trips, though :)


Hmmm...so many places both here and abroad I'd love to visit. So I'll just pick the first 5 that pop into my head.

1. Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas before it's too late.
2. Switzerland...home to one of my best friends that I haven't seen in over a decade (and just a beautiful country)!
3. New Zealand. It has everything...mountains, beaches, reefs, sheep, volcanoes...
4. Anyplace within the Patagonia region -- amazing beauty and history
5. Iceland

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