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April 25, 2010


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Mary de B

That's great!
I just saw a movie called the Brothers Bloom, in which someone makes a pinhole camera of a watermelon, and the images are all distorted and wonderful. Happy Pinhole Day!


i'm so excited just to hear how giddy this experiment made you. way to live the joy :)


Your enthusiasm is completely contagious!


hooray for pinhole day!!
thanks for sharing all the fun with the rest of us! i love your pinhole tree shot, it looks like a place fairies would hang out.


This is the coolest thing I've seen in ages. Love it!!


I love that brothers bloom movie Mary de B mentioned (I attribute some of that to my little crush on Adrien Brody) the watermelon camera is so cool. -But your camera is better! Is that a soda can pull you used as an advancer? You are so clever!


This is such a fun project! Thanks for sharing the directions and your photo. I have to try this.


Great stuff! I can see hours of fun ahead for you!


This is so great...will definitely have to try it out! You caught me up in your enthusiasm!

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