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May 03, 2010


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Exciting stuff! I am so jealous of your rain barrels. It isn't even an option for us since we don't have gutters.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you plant this year.


Great work! Wonder what you'll plant? Have a great week! Ros


how super exciting! and hooray for all the recycling! hooray earth! hooray spring!


Hooray for gardens! Just wait, you won't be able to stop at one box....

And nice on the rain barrels. I'm still looking for a cheap, local source.


yay for raised beds and rain barrels!! i still only have one of our three hooked up. i guess i'm lazy. my snap peas are popping up, but nothing else is planted yet. did you start some seeds?


Hurray for your garden. They can be a lot of work, but we're having so much fun in ours. It's exciting everytime the littlest shoot peaks out of the ground.


your new raised bed looks fabulous! I am itching to get my plants started outside soon.

That's so cool that you got a rain barrel for free too! Jon has been wanting one of those for quite a while now.


Great raised bed. How exciting to have that 'blank canvas' in front of you. Mr JK does most of the gardening here, but I'm growing things with the kids at school - we planted potatoes, so I know some of them are going to be surprised to dig them up and see that they don't just come frozen as chips!


I so love gardening pictures! And I so love labor that can be bought with a six-pack of beer! I remember many construction parties growing up that would end with soft-shell crabs, baked potatoes, and beer! The best kind of payment for a hard days work!

And love your rain barrels. We've considered it here but our seasons are so extreme (SO MUCH rain in the spring and then July 1 hits and nada until fall) that we didn't think it would save us very much. Keep us updated on how they work out for you guys (do you have more rain in the summer than we do? I'm thinking so but not sure).

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