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May 09, 2010


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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Some gorgeous fibre there! Gorgeous colours. I just love that bunny! What a great day out. Lucky you!


OH MY GOODNESS!!! does it get any better than THIS?! so so super exciting! thanks for taking the camera and doing such a fabulous job of taking pictures-- man it looks sublime! those llama pictures are just too good to be true (especially the second one, i'd like that one on a postcard please) and i've never seen such a fluffy bunny in all my life. what a fabulous day you must have had-- thanks so much for letting us live vicariously!
p.s. did i ever tell you that my 8th grade biology teacher was a sheep herder and brought and sheared a sheep in class once? isn't it the coolest?!


Looks like a lovely day. But come on over to the spinning side, you know you wanna!


I am soo glad that you had a good time! Same time, same place, next year!!


You lucky thing, you! How fabulous, great photos!


Now that's my kind of day !!!


Wow! It looks like a wonderful day. I LOVE your pictures. I just want to dive into all that yarn!
That cute sheep with the dreadlocks is by far my favorite.


Melissa, I went to this for the first time last year.. we should have went again this year, I would have bumped into you!.. alot to learn there.. and the yarn is so beautiful!


For the good of my wallet, no more linking to yummy fiber sources! I can't wait to see the thrummed hat!


Your photos are gorgeous! I love the animal photos especially.

Good for you for not picking up another hobby this weekend (rughooking has always intrigued me too).

I can't wait to see your thrummed hat!


i never even considered rug hooking and then i saw this post. and then i went to a fancy fabric store with a wool and felt section and rug hooking designs. i was able to hold back--which is very good since the fabric obsession might be nearing a problem in need of an intervention--but i'll be in big trouble if you do take on a new hobby.

by the way, please please please do start an alpaca farm. henry and i will come and camp out and help in the summer. alpacas are so so sweet.

okay, i'm officially babbling but i have to add that your photos are fantastic.


Scrumptious indeed! Glad you had a blast! One day I hope to frequent a fiber festival...they look like such fun!

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