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May 11, 2010


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my favorite part is how we can see lama in the video! he's so cute. (and that bag - i love that bag!)

Mary de B

I found out the hard way that bubbles really do get in your tank, and if you don't tap them out, you get the top part of your film not properly developed! I'd tap the tank down on the table every once in a while. Flip flip flip tap. Flip flip flip tap.


I had to watch the little video as soon as I saw Lama sitting there! (I'm not doing any developing any time soon, myself, too many other projects in too small a house!)

Stéphane Pouyllau

If I have time, I would like to translate our tuto in french... It's a very good tutorial. With it, my second test will be a success !


Excellent! Your tutorials have been tremendously helpful, thanks so much for posting.


Excellent instructions! So precise, so well explained. Thank you!
-I can't believe I missed Lama the first time I watched the video.


LOL! I misread the previous comments and thought to myself, 'llama, what llama?'!!!!! Then I spotted the moggy!


yay! The first ever sandwich blog video!

These are excellent instructions and I hope to use them soon.


you are just amazing. maybe someday i'll try it :)


I was so fascinated by your agitation style, I missed Lama...had to re-watch. Thanks so much for these tutorials...I will definitely be utilizing them in the future!


Well done tutorial (I came to this via your Flickr profile). I did all those things back in the early 80's and can just confirm what you suggested....exercise the part to put the film into the reels. I did it similar to your suggestion. I used a already developed film to practice it for at least 20 times and another 20 times in the dark room. well, all my rolls was developed right.

Now I am shooting film again....besides digital but still don't develop by myself...maybe later in a new apartment I will give it a try again.

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