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June 26, 2010


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oh i LOVE this idea! and what a gorgeous series! LOVE it LOVE it!
and i'm totally drooling over those shoes too--- man does it suck to have big feet sometimes! (i understand completely the sadness of having to say goodbye to cute but little shoes)
ooh, what color is next? i wish i had more time-- i want to play!


so so pretty in red! i'm drooling over the le creuset! i also love the red rotary phone. i kinda want to get one of those for Henry to play with and maybe for us to use.


What a great idea! Did you buy any of the yarn? Have a good week. Ros


This is awesome! What a cool idea. I agree thoseshoes are lovely, maybe you could order some in the right size? I'm so looking forward to orange!


Oh, I want so much to join in on the color series...I need a serious jump-start with my photography inspiration. Right now, no time, so I'll live through your series! Red is so happy!


Love the clogs. I'm a little obsessed with red shoes.


This is such a great idea - we could have a different colour each month and see what we all come up with! I too am rather taken with all that yarn. As a matter of interest, how big are your feet?! (I know it's a strange question!)


what great photos! I love those wooden horses and the too-small clogs.

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