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June 28, 2010


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woot woot for the last day of school!!

enjoy your summer vacation - you have totally earned it!


This feeling of elation at school being out is exactly why we started homeschooling. But now my 11 year old is wanting to go back to public school. We'll see how it goes as she hasn't been trained to follow pointless instructions in quite some time. (My ideas are always relevant and awesome.) ;)

Hope you have a grand time in Europe!


Hooray! Congratulations on finishing another great school year! Those are some lucky kids and lucky teachers who get them in first grade next year.
Have a wonderful and relaxing summer!


Enjoy that 'just broken up' feeling! I always think that is the best day of the holidays, when you know that you have all that time stretching ahead of you, with endless possibilities. I'll be feeling just the same in a little under 4 weeks! Enjoy Europe! Happy holidays!


Hooray! Congratulations! It's just the best feeling when it arrives.I have 18 more 'get ups' before freedom. Hope you have lovely time visiting your family. Ros


We did a happy dance today for sure - it was the last day here!

Wish I was hiding in your suitcase -- have a wonderful trip to Europe.


I can't believe it isn't summer break yet in NY! Well, I can, because you said it is so, but I can't believe that NY'ers put up with that nonsense. Anyway, have a wonderful trip to Europe.


Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your summer 'vacation'! And especially your trip to Europe (so looking forward to seeing images of the trip show up eventually here and on Flickr).


Yay! I hope you have a wonderful summer, Claire! I can't wait to hear about your adventures.

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