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July 10, 2010


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But with the temperatures around here just the thought of all that baking makes me a little faint....


Mmmmmmmmm! I like the sound of Caramel Monkey bread! I must go and take a look at the recipe! You were brave having the oven on in all that heat. We're eating salads every day at the moment!


WoW! You and Lily have been busy. Was it a special occasion, I wonder? It's been really hot here in the UK all week. We need some rain for all our allotment veggies!!!! Have a good week. Ros


Deliciousness! You guys made some yummy looking stuff. What a beautiful baking partner you had.


I always seem to have the urge to bake during the hottest days of the summer for some reason...so this doesn't seem too crazy! Were you baking for a purpose other than your own enjoyment? It all looks so good!

Lily is lookin' cute in her apron!


ooh, I am drooling over your baked goods! That caramel monkey bread sounds so delicious!


OM goodness! I haven't seen monkey bread in years! I always like cinnamon monkey bread, but I'm pretty sure I would dig carmel too!


those apricot muffins have me drooling. Trixie has been lonely. maybe i should dust her off and get to some baking. but, i don't want Margene to pout. how does one keep all of the appliances happy?


I can almost smell the aroma! I love the caramel rolls!
and I love little girls in the kitchen!


mmmmm. i'm getting in my car. caramel monkey bread? mmmmm

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