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July 16, 2010


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Simply stunning! Nothing more to say!


Love, love, love....


Such an amazing blanket! I love the bubble diapers by the way...perfect for a photo shoot!


sweet as candy!


Wow,I think that is truly the most gorgeous blanket I've ever seen! What an awesome gift!


it is just divine, what a lucky boy!


that just isn't fair to post pictures of such a beautiful blankie with such a beautiful baby on it (and a Henry, no less). i just want to snuggle the blankie and the baby.


How amazing! I want to be your sister... but I need to borrow a baby first! lol. And Henry looks adorable.


melissa, the blanket is so so beautiful (as is that baby!) and what a great idea knitting on a circular needle - when i made prairie's i snapped about four pairs of needles as it got so heavy! i have been thinking of making another as there are no 'ghans on the go at the moment in this neck of the woods............xxx


oh my gosh, melissa, this baby blanket is fricking GORGEOUS! When you first said you were knitting a Rainbow Baby Blanket, I had no idea it would look like this! It is amazing. Baby Henry looks quite happy with it, too :)


Gorgeous. the blanket too. <3


This is absolutely gorgeous Melissa! I love the gradation across colors from the deep purple/blues to the red/oranges, I love how the border pulls it all together, and I LOVE your 'binding' on the edge. It's perfect. And your photo-shoot with baby Henry is just as amazing. Well done, friend, well done!


Just catching up on you all! What a stunning blanket. It looks absolutely beautiful. Well done you! Ros


This is so cute! I love the multicolored, graduated rainbow!

And, of course, that belly button is too cute!


not only can i gush for hours about the sheer magnificence of this incredible piece of art and of that adorable little henry... but the rainbow icord border (which i believe i have not yet exceeded my gush-allowance for)is such an utterly brilliant finish! and you are hearby crowned queen and guru of end weaving. wowza!!!

Diana Wood

Oh, keep the blankie, as beautiful as it is. I want Henry!
Dale End Farm

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