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September 09, 2010


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Congratulations Lily on a great first day!! (And to Mom, too, for getting you ready for such an exciting time.)

Mary de B

Wow, handknitted dress and flowery boots -- a very cool first-day outfit.


i bet no one else had such a beautiful dress on - she looks beautiful melissa - i'm proud way down this end of the planet. i bet you can't believe how grown up she is! and very happy to hear that you went out knitting!


well now that sounds like the perfect first day for both of you! and i love that she wore that dress too. :)


Hooray for a good first day!! It sounds like you both had a great day.


Oh my gosh love the first day of kindergarten outfit! What a perfect way to spend a day by yourself.


ooh what a perfect little kindergartner! in the perfect first day dress! i am so thrilled that the both of you had such a wonderful day. cheers to a wonderful school year to come!


Lily looked fabulous for her day at kindefgarden. So glad she had such a good time. Sounds like you had a good day too. Have a great weekend. Ros


i've been pondering over these photos of your girl for days now. i haven't commented yet because i'm just speechless. she looks so grown up in her dress and with her cute haircut and i just can't fathom how Henry could look that much older in 4 short years. i'm wickedly sentimental the past few days, so i'm just going to say how proud i am of you and Lily. i think you are both fantastic.


Great photos! Lily looks so cute in her dress and wellies! So pleased that she had a good first day, with many more to come!


Wow, what a grown up girl. You must be sentimental, looking at how much she's changed in two short years!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her first day of school outfit - one, it's adorable and two that she wants to wear something handknit. I hope her appreciation of you and knitting continues.

AND I like that you made time for a day off for you. there will be plenty of time to catch up on all the things that need doing. Taking time for you is very good too. I've saved the dishcloth pattern!


This is so cool...her completely awesome outfit, how excited she was! And a few hours of calm knitting time for mom! Hope she has continued to enjoy the kindergarten experience!


aww! Lily's first day outfit is so adorable! That's so cool that she chose your dress for her first day and I'm totally loving those boots she's rocking.

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