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October 12, 2010


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Too cute!


Can't wait to see what your project is! Looks like you had a fun weekend together! Great team work on the sewing machine!


oh my goodness that Henry is just oozing cuteness! LOVE these pictures! i'm so excited to see your project- it sounds like you all had an absolutely ideal weekend! yay!


What a fabulous weekend, it looks like such fun! I love that picture of Melinda steering and Lily driving. And all the pictures of Henry, he is so gorgeous. I am dieing to hear about your project, you big tease. :)


golly. i saw this post awhile ago and wanted to comment, but that gorgeous photo of Henry and Lily at the end of the post had me mesmerized. seriously. it should be illegal to be that cute. it is so darn distracting.

i had a fantastic time on our visit. i can't wait for our next opportunity to do some knitting and sewing together. can we finagle a winter LaCrosse visit?


Wow--it looks like a fabulous weekend! Can't wait to see what sewing project you two cooked up (I love Lily's little pincushion...and how happy she is with it!). Had you guys met before in person or was this the first time?

And that last picture is just amazing!


What a fun meetup! I love that pic of Melinda with the kiddos surrounding her. She definitely is a supermom! Can't wait to see what you made.

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