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November 07, 2010


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So beautiful...so envious! ;) Was wondering when you'd get around to posting these pics! Very glad that Pippin is starting to adjust.


Such a sweety!! Congratulations on your new arrival, may all you enjoy much fun time together.


Full house now! What a lovely looking canine companion - enjoy!!


what a beautifully charming family you have! so glad that they are all getting along so wonderfully already, i'm still shocked by pippy's bravery! good for him!
of course i love those shadow pictures. too adorable! can't wait until the next time i can hug all (eight!) of you!


Luna is such a beautiful addition to a BEAUTIFUL family!


Congratulations! She is beautiful!


Melissa, he is just adorable! Good to hear he has settled in and that Pippin is getting used to him. You never know, they may even become good friends! Lily looks as though she loves him very much already. Have fun! Ros and Oscar


oh i love her - how exciting for you all but perhaps not pippin so much! we shifted in with a labrador (suffix) once upon a time and poozie boy (our handsome ginger cat) gave him one swipe on the nose to let him know who was boss and that was that - they curled up together in the winter by the heater and were bffs! luna is so pretty - lots more photos please!!!!


Luna is such a gorgeous dog! She sounds like the perfect addition to your family!


adorable pics with lily. i'm rooting for pippin. :)


Luna is completely adorable and it looks like Lily has a new best buddy!


your photos of Lily with Luna are SO so gorgeous. please insert mental image of Henry signing and saying "more? more?"


Awww, she's beautiful!!! (please excuse my lateness on reading your blog). Luna is a great name, too! It looks like Lily loves her to pieces - I'm so happy for you all! All 8 of you :) :) :)

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