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December 08, 2010


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Mary de B

All holiday foods should be cookies! You guys verge on the healthy here...
Shortbread! Just butter, brown sugar and flour. None of this icing sugar stuff, or cornstarch.
Chocolate shortbread!
spekulaas, Dutch spicy cookies
gingerbread cookies
Oh, wait, a non-cookie food: mashed potatoes!


Oh yes! (This top five of mine is all sweets. I do like savouries, but today I'm thinking of sweets!We make all of these except for the pudding.)

1. Scotch Shortbread (not with icing sugar or cornstarch, just plain sugar, flour and butter)
2. Welsh cakes - Mr. Kate's Grandma's recipe (her family was Welsh), sort of a tea cake that you bake on a griddle, cookie size
3. Christmas pudding - unfortunately neither of my boys likes it, but my mum's partner does and their coming for Christmas so I'm betting we'll have a little pudding!
4. chocolate covered pretzels, hand-dipped by Bush Boy himself
5. buck-eyes, the most delicious candy made with peanut butter, icing sugar and butter, and then dipped in melted chocolate


Hurray, top 5 is back. Hmmm, I love Lindsay's cranberry items and totally am with CMV with not really being a cook. And while I love making shortbread (true shortbread as Mary and kate point out)...
1. Pumpkin cranberry bread - the one thing I make at the holidays. Perhaps I can post the recipe this year, though it originally came from a magazine over 15 years ago. I've modified it slightly... a moist pumpkin bread with pops of cranberries.
2. All my mom's holiday breads - is this cheating? - i don't eat them other places. Because most people scoff - TRUE FRUIT CAKE (with a 1/5 of Jim Beam! even when we were kids!)She also makes date nut loaf, orange peel, and irish soda bread. There is one gross one, but apparently the trauma of eating it all these years has erased the name from my brain.
3. Roast beef. We always had a standing rib roast for Christmas.
4. Pfeffernusse (had to check spelling) - my mums are best but I buy Trader Joes.
5. Any peppermint candy - I've become quite a fan of bark the last few years.


this year is the first year that we'll be having Christmas in our own house and here are the items i can't live without this year:
1. stuffing
2. squash
3. great grandma's recipe for dinner rolls
4. cut out cookies with frosting and red hots and those silver thingies
5. and our new tradition that we started last year: cocoa made with cocoa blocks and homemade marshmallows and sipped (with a little irish cream) in front of the fireplace.


I love Christmas food! Here's a few of my favourites:
1. Homemade sausage rolls with flaky pastry
2. Christmas pudding and custard
3. mince pies
4. stollen
5. home made crumpets, dripping with butter (and yes, it does have to be butter!) Going to make my first batch this weekend.


Oh my...all the amazing food! My list is a mix of sweet and savory...
1. Yes Kate, buckeye balls all the way!!! I need no other cookie!
2. Asparagus casserole...made by my aunt, it's not exactly healthy despite having asparagus in it (it oozes cream, butter, and parmesan cheese!). So I only eat it one time of year and oh my, is it ever delicious and worth the wait!
3. Homemade rolls...both dinner (for the main meal) and cinnamon (which accompanies the morning gift opening session!).
4. Mashed potatoes...probably my favorite food ever. I used to make these as a snack when I was a teenager that's how much I love them (from scratch of course!).
5. Christmas eve we do a chocolate fondue and dip an assortment of fruits and breads...normally while watching a movie or playing a game. Another Christmas only tradition and oh so yummy!


Wow, am I ever late! Better late than never, right? :D

Christmas just isn't Christmas in our house without Nanaimo Bars (I've recently discovered that Safeway makes pretty good ones, almost the same as homemade). And we only eat Nanaimo Bars at Christmas.

Turtles. I know this isn't baking per se, but I gotta have them every Christmas.

Leftover Turkey for Turkey Noodle Soup, from Grandma's recipe. My DM makes the egg noodles, too. I use macaroni.

And all sorts of chocolate, esp. the Dark Cocoa Truffles, mmm mmm mmmmm!

Mulled apple cider (this year we used cider as we didn't have red wine). It was delicious!

p.s. I'd love the find the Buckeye Balls recipe..... they sound divine.

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