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January 29, 2011


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There is nothing better than an unexpected snow day! Love the photos! Very atmospheric! And Poppy is rather sweet - I wonder who you've made her for?


Wow, that is a lot of snow. Beautiful! Poppy is so sweet. Hope you are feeling better soon.


Hooray for snow days! Of course we haven't had enough (and there was some crazy snow two weeks ago that I had to drive to work in).


Snow days are just the best days!!!!!!! Beautiful photos. Oh, how I do so love freshly fallen snow. Your photographs are beautiful and so is Poppy! What a cute little friend. Hope you are soon feeling better. Ros


The snow is beautiful, I'm so sad you were still too sick to play in it. I hope you are feeling better already.
Poppy, oh my goodness poppy! She is the cutest. And I totally agree, the girl can't go comando.


oh my goodness! your snow photos are fantastic! and Poppy couldn't be more adorable. i hope you feel better soon.


snowy nyc has to be *the* most magical place on earth! i love your pictures!!

and that poppy is beyond adorable! she's perfect, and i love her panties. you're so clever!!


Is she giggling in that last picture? :) What a cute little Poppy. And your pictures are just beautiful; I love new snow.


I love the snowy photos! I could see myself enjoying a stroll down that street.. and I absolutely love the doll!


Beautiful snow images...there is nothing prettier in the winter than freshly fallen fluffy snow. Especially when you capture it perfectly like you did. I hope you are feeling better so you can get out and enjoy it more!

Poppy is so cute...and oh, the underwear is cracking me up. Even more so the position you put her arm in for that picture! Classic.


Awww, little Poppy is adorable, I just want to pick her up & hug her!! I love her expression with her new underwear, too funny. And wow on the nyc snow!! Whew! It looks familiar to me, being an Albertan, now a B.C.-er (sp?) (lol). Hope you're feeling better!!

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