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January 30, 2011


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Isn't it amazing how many shades of yellow you found! Love the yellow boots, and the lifeguard tower, especially.

I'm looking forward to your colour series!


A visual dose of sunshine - just what's needed at this grey time of year. Lovely!


awesome! i love your color series! especially with the added miami flair! my definite favorite is the wonderful street portrait of the two men. such a great capture of personality. wonderful!


creative! and a great idea for a photo assignment..


Beautiful! I am so looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your wonderful week in the sun.


Beautiful images M! As josiekitten says, it was a splash of virtual sunshine...very much needed on this dreary day! I especially like the 2 men and the bike photos.


What fun!


This is wonderful! Perfect for a dreary winter's day. I love the idea of photographing one colour-themes. My fav. is the 2 men on park bench, great great photo. Love the mustard colour of his sweater, too. The mural of a man is fabulous, too :) They're all great.


Oh my god, how COOL and creative it this. I really raelly love where you found yellow. Wow. This really captivates me. Hmmm.....I TOO should do a 'colour series' sometime soon. I adore this idea.


Oh fantastic! What a great set of YELLOWS! Ros


i love your color series posts. great pics!

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