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February 08, 2011


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oh man clairey - it looks stunning!!

and oh mr.lama, he is such the helper. you certainly are lucky to have him around.


The blanket - I am in love. And jealous of a mom end weaver.

As to Lama, well. I am all about cats who like to get in things (like baskets and boxes). Our first cat would jump into any box, bag or basket he could.


Wow, I love that blanket. I hate all my loose bits, but a blankie... I don't know... your Mom ROCKS! Not that I want any sandwich hate, but how about bringing the blankie to the next sandwich meet up for a little end weaving? Come on sandwich! Pull together for Blankie!
I bet Lama would help... if he had opposable thumbs....


OMG I'm so impressed. It's fantastic and so big! I can't believe you've stuck with it for so long. That's why I always make baby clothes and blankets, because they're quick.

I LOVE it!


Beautiful!!! Wow, wow, wow. Blankie is gorgeous. I love it.
And sweet lama, how I want to snuggle him. What a good boy to watch over blankie and the future bits of blankie.


Yours looks great! Mine is still at the same place it was a year ago: only 9 squares done. I'm getting ready to call it quits on this one.


you are amazing.


Your blankie is amazing! I must get mine out again! Glad that Lama is keeping an eye on quality control!


Wow, your blankie looks lovely! Ignore the end weaving, and focus on how much you've accomplished.


Wow. Just wow. Such an undertaking and it's going to be (already is) simply beautiful! How fantastic (and weird) that your mom loves to weave in ends. Be very very grateful...just looking at all those makes my eyes twitch!

I actually have 'knit a blanket' on my life list because it feels like such a huge undertaking. I have a few options I'm considering but haven't decided on the perfect one yet. Hopefully soon and then I'll begin that slow process right along with you!

LOVE your photo arrangement on the wall...so striking! And of course Lama!


I have this blanket favorited on ravelry and have had it favorited for quite some time. It is SUCH a genius thing to make and slowly work on. And JEESH Melissa, 2 years is alright ! Look at what else you have finished along the way ! This blanket you are making may take a long time to finish, but with it's progress it has seen so much. I think that makes it very very special. When it's finished you will cherish it ever so much :)


Inspiring! I just started this blankie yesterday. I have only five blocks knitted up. That was all the sock yarn leftover I had in my sad little stash. I love your blankie and I can't wait to build up on mine The first two blocks I made I don't really count as I was learning the pattern and made errors in them. I made three more but haven't decided to knit them seperatly to keep it portable or knit them on to each other as I go along. I love you cute picture of Lama guarding your stash. I am drooling over I have never seen mini's here where I am. We have just a few knitting shops One I don't go to because they are so rude. I have to drive a hour and half to get to a decent little yarn shop. It's well worth the trip. But I have never seen MINI'S. How much yarn are in them how many block of 31 stitches would they make. Iam looking all over ebay now to find some lol. Thanks for posting your blankie. I am on block 5. And can't knit until I go shopping.!!!! Opps I wanted to post this here.


Hello, I just have a quick question on how you got it to a triangle shape. I was going to ask before but I forgot to add it. Hope you don't mind me asking.

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