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March 14, 2011


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Oh it's going to be absolutely gorgeous!


yay blankie!!!!!
and i totally know what you mean- mine is calling rather loudly despite the mountain of more urgent pending projects on the list.
but those little squares are just too darn cute! and satisfying!
love that brown yarn by the way- beautiful stuff!


I'm thinking of taking my blankie (and no other knitting!) when I go on holiday this year. I think it's about time we got better acquainted!


Horray for blankie!!
I love the little squirrel candle too. So you!

oh, your birthday present is STILL sitting on my chair waiting patiently to be mailed. It is so sweet and well behaved. Poor thing needs to throw a temper tantrum and demand to be sent.


I don't know if I'd have the patience for a blankie. I've decided that random socks might be more my patience level. But I CERTAINLY have to find something to do with all that yarn!


glad to see the blankie make a comeback. i'm working on my legwarmers again. seriously. i'm *knitting*! that's how much better my wrist feels after a cortisone shot.

i miss talking to you. fair warning that i'm going to call you soon...


Inspiring! I just started this blankie yesterday. I have only five blocks knitted up. That was all the sock yarn leftover I had in my sad little stash. I love your blankie and I can't wait to build up on mine The first two blocks I made I don't really count as I was learning the pattern and made errors in them. I made three more but haven't decided to knit them seperatly to keep it portable or knit them on to each other as I go along. I love you cute picture of Lama guarding your stash. I am drooling over I have never seen mini's here where I am. We have just a few knitting shops One I don't go to because they are so rude. I have to drive a hour and half to get to a decent little yarn shop. It's well worth the trip. But I have never seen MINI'S. How much yarn are in them how many block of 31 stitches would they make. Iam looking all over ebay now to find some lol. Thanks for posting your blankie. I am on block 5. And can't knit until I go shopping.!!!!


How do you get your corners to look so neat and tidy. mine look messy. love the colours.


Looking forward to seeing the progress on this one...you and Claire both have me itching to start a blanket. Maybe now isn't the time, but soon! ;)


The colors are lovely! It's going to look great. I LOVE your squirrel candle holder. : )


Oh goodness, what beautiful 'mini skeins' of yarn she sent you for your ever growing blanket. She spoils you, you know :)


Love the miniskeins. Makes me want to pull my own sock blankie out of hibernation.


Oh wow, this is great! Now I want to pull out my leftover sock yarn & start a blankie, too! (I'm such a child, hee hee). May I ask, what pattern are you using? Is it the same 'mitered' one of yore? I never did figure that out. Maybe now I can try it again. Oh, and the brown yarn is soooooooo pretty! btw - how do you wind those cute, little skeins of yarn. And what a wonderful b.d. gift for you, someone knows you so well. Love the squirrel candleholder, too - precious!

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