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May 10, 2011


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Names for sheep - that's great! Mr JK grew up on a dairy farm and all the cows had names! I do rather like that felted bird nest. Can't wait to see what you bought!


If you haven't read it, you must read the picture book Amos's Sweater, by Janet Lunn. Seriously, it's about a naughty sheep. Was one of our favourites (still have it).

What a wonderful festival, thanks for sharing the pics!


Your next pet NEEDS to be a sheep named Glen.
I keep scrolling back to Samantha though, what a pretty girl and lovely yarn.
Sounds like a great day, I'm excited to see what you went home with.


oh my goodness. thank you SO much for taking all these scrumptious pictures and bringing us along with you. this festival seems like an absolute dream of scrumptiousness. you can see a picture of the sheep where the yarn came from? that's just too sweet for words!
i agree that dixie is a perfect sheep name. how about ruby to go along with your glen?


Looks like a fun festival! I personally think you should save those names for when you have sheep. You know you are gonna! ;)

Naughty sheep...too funny!


Oooh, so wonderful! What's not to love? Thx for sharing your fun pictures, it's almost, now almost is the key word, like I'm there! I bet sticking your hands into those cushy piles of sheep/llama yarn is heavenly. I love the silky look of the 1st pic - gorgeous! I expect to see many wonderful creations, dear melissa!


Ben's bike is named Maurice. that could be a good sheep name, right?

i love your photos and thoughts about your day. great post!


I think that Dolly would have been a more appropriate name for all those silky curls of fleece. Glen is a very good name indeed. As is Maurice.

But I agree with Rachel, just wait for your own sheep and then you can name them!


Oooh I love all the curly sheep locks! Makes my curly locks seem a little less crazy. Can't wait to see what you bought!

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