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July 23, 2011


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oh i love you! ihope you enjoy your last days in nyc - your pictures are lovely, especially the last one. what a beautiful farewell to your beloved city.


Hello there! Your 'heat fog' pics are perfectly beautiful. Love the cute pics of Lama and his friends! Wishing you a very happy resettlement in Munich. Ros


Ack boxes and bare floor. It seem like just yesterday we were unpacking that horrible meat van and filling up your beautiful apartment. Amazing how much has changed. I learned how to knit in that apartment! I hope you get to go to all your favorite haunts and say a photo filled goodbye.


enjoy your final days stateside!! good luck!

St├ęphane POUYLLAU

hi claire ! I like your last photo, very good compo ! you should put on your flickr...Good luke to your move.


Not so hot here...as a matter of fact it was rainy and cool today. Kind of fall like. Good luck with the move, and try not to stress too much!


missed you, Claire! your photos are fantastic. seeing NY through the grainy fog is just beautiful. i was hoping to meet you in person in NY sometime--oh well. i wish you much happiness in Germany :)


Happy and safe travels Claire. I have just come back from Munich (amongst other places) and I'm sure that you'll be very happy there.


I hope all the big changes go smoothly Claire...and while I know you'll miss NYC, I'm sure you'll find amazing things to shoot in Germany! I love the feel of these pictures...fog DOES make things interesting!

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