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August 29, 2011


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you are a sewing dynamo!!
(and i don't think there's anything wrong with keeping the sewing machine on the dining room table for a while longer... you have a really long table, just eat at the other end!)


WOWZA that is superimpressive!!!! look at you go!!!
and i'm totally with melissa-- what's the harm in letting the darling little sewing machine stay out for a longer visit!
congrats and have fun picking out 'whateveryouwant' as your next project!


That looked like it was a mammoth task. I think you deserve to make something for yourself now!


don't *ever* put the sewing machine away! in fact, buy another one and keep that one out, too. or am i the only weird one to do that??


My husband just bought me a lovely singer machine for my birthday (early birthday present !!) and I have fallen in love with sewing all over again and my goodness, the fabric with the giraffe is to die for. I LOVE it !!!! How awesome are YOU for making all of these !!!!!


Wow! That looks like a HUGE amount of sewing. I would be daunted by such a huge task. Great job! :)


Wow! That's impressive and I'm sure it will be so very appreciated.

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