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August 01, 2011


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Horray! Congratulations on your plunge! This is so exciting. Your yarn is beautiful.
And how awesome is cmv and her photos. whole lot of cancer hating going on.


Good luck with your Etsy shop! I'd love to do that too sometime.


I love to see you soar, congrats on your new etsy account. I will check it regularly to see your lovely new creations. I also love claire's photographs, what a grand idea to sell them in your cancer-hating shop. xox


i am so so proud of you for opening up your shop. as a customer already, i can testify to the absolute scrumptiousness and incredible craftmanship of your glorious yarn. i know you will have great success!


So exciting! I wasted no time favorit'ing the site...when I get out of the field this fall, I'm sure I'll be purchasing some of your loveliness!


this is sooooooo cool! i love your etsy shop and i'm so happy that you are finding a way to fund your beautiful spinning habit :)

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