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August 24, 2011


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Love that you changed shawls, and love love love that you are you tubing kenny rogers and dolly parton. Be still my beating heart!


So true, so true, thx for the reminder. Your very pretty lace is beautiful, but can sit & wait for another perhaps more restful time. I'm so glad you found something more do-able. It looks like you've found the perfect project & pretty yarn, too. Your friend will feel blessed wearing it, a lovely lovely gift from a good friend.

btw - I LOVE Dolly! And Jolene, 2! Unfortunately, the link was taking, like - forever, so I closed out.


I love Dolly Parton! I remember when that pattern came out and I fell in love. i still think it would be amazing to knit, but yes, sometimes you gotta know when to fold 'em. Your mara shawl is prettier than the original!


Kenny Rogers is a wise, wise man. I'm glad you listened to him. Shawl 2 is beautiful.


Love the Maya shawl - someone is going to be very happy to win it in the auction.


why would any woman even *try* to steal Dolly's man? that's just wrong.

beautiful shawls, by the way :)


ooh you totally win for best blog post soundtrack ever!
and for most generous knitter ever!
and for best knitting advice!
and for most beautifully striped shawl! love the colors, love you!


This shawl will be even better than the first one! I don't even knit with lace weight yarn because of that.


Okay first, I have to love you for posting Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton! I downloaded the Gambler a few months ago and drive John crazy playing it. What's his problem? It's a freakin' classic!

Okay, now on to the knitting. I'm proud of you for realizing that life is not about stress knitting and that other options exist. That shawl is going to be a beauty (the lavender color is so gorgeous) and I hope you finish it at some point. BUT...I also LOVE the new one you decided on and wow on the colors you chose. Very nice contrasts!! Whoever wins this will be lucky indeed!

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