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September 05, 2011


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Mary de B

Great little house, big house, nice aunt, and what a lovely wedding it will be!


oh i just want to cry - everything is coming together just perfectly!
you and georg are going to have such a wonderful wedding surrounded by so much love!
the house turned out amazing! it looks right at home with it's giant compatriot. did your aunt just love it? i'm sure she did.


What a wonderful setting for your wedding. I'm sure it will be a splendid occasion for everyone! That huggable house is just so cute!


that wedding house looks like a beautiful place to host a wedding. what a lovely gift you made :)


WOW! How beautiful..... both the actual wedding venue house and that super cute huggable house. What a fabulous solution. Ros


Oh my goodness! What an amazingingly thoughtful and cute gift! I really can't wait to see the sandwich and all the other pics from the wedding! The other sandwich mates got married off before I "met" you!

Congrats again.


that is adorable! what a sweet and wonderful gift. :)


I love that picute of the house and the huggable version. You got the pink just right. I am so so excited on hugging YOU soon!


Awesome! You are totally awesome. How great of your aunt to offer the use of her very beautiful pink house for your family & friends on your wedding day! It is so apropo (sp? lol). I know your aunt will LOVE your cute little pink house as a momento of your wedding day. It is charming just like her house.


Awww that huggable house is so awesome! The perfect thank you!


This is too cute...and the perfect thank you gift for your aunt I'd say. Can't wait to make it to the photos of your wedding!

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