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December 07, 2011


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What a beautiful and versatile scarf! I don't know which is my favorite pose, super-coldy or the toilet paper. Either way it is beautiful!


Gorgeous colour and gorgeous scarf!


I keep meaning to do this project and don't. What a smuck i am. I think it will be well-loved. I also think this is a program for which acrylic is great. I've become a bit of a yarn snob, but to me, baby knits and gifts for (some) non-knitters are best served up on acrylic. In fact, gifts for people that CAN care for woolies should sometimes be acrylic if they live with men (not that I just discovered that the handknit socks I made my friend now fit a child, or anything).


I had no doubts you wouldn't get this done in time. It's perfect and I know will be well-loved!


Great scarf for a great cause.


squirshy squirsh squirsh. love it.


such a great cause :) I throughly enjoy the toilet paper pose....and if you are ever looking for a change of career I think you could take up scarf modeling/posing/naming...I'm still working on the exact title but you seem to have the knack for it


whatever pose it's in, it looks absolutely wonderful and undeniably snugly. what a beautiful thing you did!

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