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December 12, 2011


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LOL! All that glitter! It looks great! But you'll be finding specks of glitter for months!!!


I have a friend that just made one of these. Such a great idea!


Exciting! I have the close pins to make mine but never even thought about using glitter!


way to rock the sparkle!


all of this time I thought it was Lily! :) Martensen Glitter town:official population: 2.....oh and I love how it turned out...sparkles are extra fun at Christmas time!


I'm guessing Lily was so proud when she saw it! Love this idea and your execution!

FINALLY...I keep meaning to ask you what your user name on Pinterest was...now I have it. Beware! ;)


Oh man...I LOVE this !!!


wowza. it's rubbing off on you?! oh man, i'd better check your suitcases for glitter when you come to visit. that said, it does look absolutely adorable. bring on the glitter! (but leave it in mankato please)


Oh my gosh I need one of those! So cool!

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