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December 10, 2011


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Oh, I'll try for it! My favorite holiday movie is "Miracle on 34th Street" and my favorite carol is "Angels We Have Heard on High".

That yarn is gorgeous! I hope to give it a happy home.


Yu-huh!!! (Sounds better when I say it.)

My favourite movie is White Christmas and my favourite song is Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer (Irish Rovers). OK, favourite traditional song is Little Drummer Boy.


Ok, favorite holiday movie has to be Meet Me in St. Louis. I love this movie. Although Gangs of New York is a close second and while realize it's not a "holiday" movie I always seem to want to watch it around Christmas. Maybe it has something to do with their stripy red shirts. Haha.

Mary Nate

My favorite christmas movie is "the Christmas List" and my favorite song is "Mrs. santa Claus" sung by Nat King Cole


Favorite movie is A Christmas Story, and song would probably be Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, or Santa Baby (great sing along song), but like you I also love Carol of the Bells.


my fave movie is a christmas story with that blond kid..i love the leg lamp :)


A chance to win your handspun. Of course I'm in. We have 3 movies we watch every single year at the holidays...Love Actually, Family Man, and The Holiday. Perhaps not traditional, but we love them anyway.

As for songs...I'm sort of a scrooge when it comes to Christmas music...but my favorite is Christmas / Sarajevo 12/24 (Instrumental) by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Chelsea Wong

My fav. holiday movie is White Christmas and fav. Christmas carol is O Holy Night.


Your handspun is beautiful! My favourite Christmas film is 'Polar Express', a children's film which is just beautiful. Ros

Mary de B

Ah, Love Actually does take place around Christmas, doesn't it. As does Die Hard! I like the Grinch who Stole Christmas (real version, not the recent one!) and the old Peanuts Christmas. But then, I am old... Song, hmm. The one that goes Fa la la la la, la la la la!


I'm Jewish, so I have to say something along the lines of 8 Crazy Nights. But I can also copy the person above me, because Love Actually is really, really awesome!

Jann Blanchard

My Favorite movie is White Christmas, with Bing Crosby. The Christmas song/ Hymn that is my favorite is From Heaven Above to Earth I come.


Favorite movie - Elf. Favorite song - A Winter's Song. Fingers crossed! The yarn is beautiful!


Melissa - I bought yarn from you during your "I Hate Cancer" fundraiser for the Breast Cancer 3 day walk. When I got the yarn I put it aside waiting for inspiration. Just this week I got an order for a Greenbay Packers scarf and went looking for yarn - I saw your box containing KnitPicks yarn in the perfect colors. Isn't it a small world? Your yarn traveled from Minnesota to end up as a scarf for a misplaced Packers fan here in north Texas. I sell my scarves as a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders so two great causes were helped by this little story. I just thought you would like to know.

Marion Starr

My favourite movie for holiday relaxing is 'Room with a View'. It always brings a smile and the setting in Florence is magic. I always listen to the choir of Kings College for traditional carols and my favourite is 'Joy to the World'.

Thanks Melissa for this holiday giveaway. A kind thought...


What beautiful handspun! I've already watched White Christmas twice. And I may watch it again tonight.


Gorgeous handspun! My favourite Christmas film is White Christmas, and my favourite Christmas song is Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea. It reminds me of when I was a student driving back home to my family.


well, am I total scrooge for not having a favorite holiday movie? I honesstly can't think of a movie I get excited about. We watched The Holiday, and I enjoyed it because it was lighthearted. I actually really like watching the first Harry Potter movie this time of year, because he finally has a proper Christmas. I just went to Wikipedia and none stood out... but I do like to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas.
As for music, Handel's Messiah, hands down. I also love Harry Belafonte's holiday music - we had a tape for years growing up that was Harry Belafonte doing various christmas songs. And just about any other holiday music after that.
Beautiful yarn!


Oh! and I just saw Mary de B's answer - of course! The Grinch that Stole Christmas. And his heart grew and grew and grew until it was three times it's size! I have a friend I call Susie LooHoo. :)


Wow, that's some gorgeous yarn!

My favorite holiday movie would have to be Elf. I've already watched it twice this season, it never gets old!


Beautiful yarn!!!
-I though Home alone was every sunday, not just at christmas time!?


i lurve Elf. and Rudolph (stop action). and White Christmas. and the Grinch. and lots more holiday movies. ooh! i have Elf on my computer. maybe we can watch it this weekend? and my favorite song list is even longer. i love Elvis singing Blue Christmas or White Christmas and old Rosemary Clooney songs, but now i'm digging the Pandora indie holiday mix.


also, i adore your yarn, but i think you should give it to someone else that will help it find its way into a lovely handknit. i'd be so sad to see it languish here :( so, i'm respectfully withdrawing my name from the running.


what a thoughtful idea! well you know that I am a sucker for anything Christmas...especially movies...BUT nothing compares to Home Alone...the way it relates to my every day life is untouchable. i.e I hope you didn't just pack crap Jeff...oh hi ma'am it's you again...need I say more. :) As far as music goes I don't know that I can pick just one...but today I have White Christmas stuck in my head so we will go with that!

lisa allen!!!!

Oh how I adore this yarn! My favorite movie would be the original grinch or Frosty the Snowman. Favorite song would be Noel. When I was little I thought it was funny how low my dad could sing. Oh, and Silent Night because it was my moms favorite.


Merry Christmas Melissa! Your handspun looks awesome! I might need to learn how to spin...

My favorite Christmas movie is defintely It's a Wonderful Life.

I can't pick a favorite Christmas song because there are too many. This year I am digging the more mellow ones and have been enjoying On a Snowy Christmas Night, O Come O Come Emmanuel, and O Holy Night.


Dear Melissa,
I love your idea and the yarn is absolutely gorgeous! Although I love Elf, my favorite Christmas movie is Scrooge (1970), as it reminds me of my childhood. I still watch it every year as I wrap presents. My favorite holiday song is anything by Bing Crosby! It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, The Christmas Song, I'll Be Home for Christmas, and Oh, Holy Night! - it's impossible to pick just one! Also, my favorite Christmas album is Vince Guaraldi Trio's A Charlie Brown Christmas.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to reflect. Happy Holidays!
P.S. I love your site, especially as one of three sisters!

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