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January 01, 2012


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first off let me say how amazing your blankie is looking!! it's going to be so freakin' cool when you're finished!!
now i will say, hmmmm...... i would support option 3 if you thought you could live with it. but if you can't (and i'm guessing you can't, since you brought the whole issue up) i say go with option two - make sabrina a sweet tiny blankie of her very own.

Mary de B

Option 3. Turn some of the "perfect" square so the whole thing is a hodgepodge, so the others won't be glaring. Or embrace their glaringness. It will be so colourful and amazing whatever you do!


i'm all for embracing imperfection and moving on. good work Girl!


I have a really difficult time ignoring my own errors in my knitting so I would probably rip them out or knit the extra squares. Although that will probably delay your finishing quite a bit. So if you think you can piece it together ignoring the offending squares I say Go For It!


If it was me, I'd either do them again or make them into a new blankie for Sabrina. You know that the mistakes are there so you (and probably only you!) will be able to spot them everytime you use the blankie!!


I dismissed option 2 as a non-starter until I saw little miss cutie. She could use it now and then gift it to her dollies later. Though it would involve 36 more squares (which frankly, sounds like a lot). Only you can know if they would mock you. I'd say no, but if it were MY project, I'm honest enough to admit the answer might be different. Can you just tear them apart and change the design to include more single squares?


well first a huge huge congrats for all that work! i say it looks fabulous and you absolutely can't go wrong-- if you go for option 3, it will look all the more unique and creative. BUT sabrina certainly looks pretty irresistible under those squares too. whatever you decide, it will be just perfect!


3, 3, 3. if you can't tell, i'm totally behind option 3. i think it could add some lovely interest to the blanket. maybe those could be placed randomly to help direct your eye around the blanket again. i firmly believe that if something is too "in pattern" that the eye and brain sum it up too quickly. but slight wonkyness makes it a puzzle for the eye and brain to figure out.
also, option 3 is less of a PITA.

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