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January 29, 2012


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You are so cute! I love your tribute and I love your socks!
And I am so glad you mentioned how you keep your ankles warm. That was the one question I had about these lovely socks.


Peapod is so darn cute, as are you and the photo tribute ANd the bedsocks!!


I love the socks, but the photo tribute to Claire is even more fabulous. You are too cute! And I love the pic with peapod helping!


Oh peapod is cute! do you really wear these to bed? Or just as slippers?


You can always trust a cat to get in on the act! Great socks and photos. Thanks for letting me know about the difficulties leaving a message on my blog. I have no idea why that should be!


oh i am so honored! and so is georg! what a fun fun post! you are too adorable.
unfortunately lama wasn't helpful at all when it came to the photo shoot over here, which is surprising actually because usually whenever a camera comes out, he comes running.
i can't believe you're still calling peapod a kitten though- she's enormous!
LOVE your post. LOVE you!


Just lovely!


you and peapot (and those socks) are too darned cute!

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