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January 10, 2012


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That's soo funny. I've not got a cat, so it won't be too much use for me :-)


My Aunt NEEDS that book. (Because she likes to dabble in EVERY craft.)


Ha! I'm fascinated, but Flo doesn't actually lose that much fur, so I think I'd be waiting a long time to actually gather enough together!


I've not got a cat either, but what fun!!!! Ros


I don't need that book...but am laughing hysterically that a cat got a dog a Xmas gift. Thanks for the smile today!

Ellen Billman

That's hilarious. I made a cowl for a coworker and Jon told her that he had hand spun the yarn with Bailey's (our cat) hair, wishes, and dreams. Didn't know you actually could!


Of all the books to have duplicates! -Only you!
Oh how you crack me up.

Little Heather

that is hilarious, our cats lose enough hair, but I so do not need another craft book! plus I'm crap at needle felting.


can you use hair the collects in little balls around the house? Because I could knit a sweater with that, thanks to my 3 cats. Does it really involve cat hair? And spinning it up, I suppose...


yes, only YOU would have two copies of this book. i am dying to peek inside there- can you give us some hints of the projects?


the kitties purr and think how neat!

you complain about our fur under your feet

..so here's a way to put it to good use

instead of always complaining about us puss-

y-cats ;)

all EIGHT of us could shed enough fuzz

to make furry beds for us all, just becuz

we deserve 'em. >''<


V needs this book! She's always combing and saving cat fur because she wants me to spin it into yarn! I'm sure I'm too late to win, but I'm glad to hear of this book. I'll have to give it to V sometime soon. :)


too funny! poor dog with no opposable thumbs for crafting :(

Katherine Simmons

I have three cats, and as the weather warms up, I will be drowning in cat fur. As an avid crocheter and crafter, I say "me please!".

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