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January 02, 2012


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What a lovely gift! You guys are amazing!


Lovely gift, I bet it'll be cherished forever!


That's an awesome gift!


Squeee! look at all that jeweled log cabin snuggling! It makes my little heart sing.
I'm so glad I did nine so no one got to be guilty - I was feeling bad that you were doing the sew up and boarder. I'd say that judging by the cute smootching it all worked out perfectly!


Perfect! It will definitely encourage smooching and cuddling - a perfect gift. I adore the colors - very vibrant and modern/edgy, like their cityscape photography.


There is just a whole lot of love going on in this post, I must say!


AND lama loves snuggling with us on it too!!! you two are the best friends EVER and i can't even tell you how much we love and appreciate and adore this precious gift. it will be treasured for years and years to come. THANK you THANK you!!!


What a wonderful gift for c & g! I really like the black...makes for a very attractive, eye-popping blanket! (Who did the square with the tiny little square of color? That's my favorite!


I love it!!! I agree with Rachel, that tiny square is the best!

Ellen Billman

Gorgeous!! I bet they are super excited to get all settled into their new place and snuggle their days away! :) You guys are amazing and the perfect sandwich.


adorable couple under a lovely blanket.

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