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February 19, 2012


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i can't tell you how much it meant to us to have you and the whole family there. it was an absolutely unforgettable day and all the more because you were a part of it! i love you all exponentially!

Mary de B

Hmm, my husband could use a new shirt...
I love the bouquet of paper roses!
Wait, I feel a song coming on!


lovely. what a great post for after v day. i love all of the red hearts hanging up :) where did Georg get his shirt? i love it. (Brian's beard is looking good. is it bigger now?)


Oh such beautiful pics. Looks like a very special time was had by all. They look so happy! I must say, that is a very special shirt! Lily looks so adorable with her little bunch of flowers. Ros


I think Claire and Georg win the 'longest ever wedding celebrations' prize hands down! It's so great that all of their family and friends got to share in some part or other of their special day!


Wonderful - and great family shot!


Oh so so SO much love for you all!


Josie read my mind - it's a year of celebration for Georg and Claire! Which, of course, I think is quite fantastic!


I love Lily's cardigan!


Oh, I'm glad that Lily and Brian got to share in this joy! I love how much C and G celebrated their union...so beautiful!

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