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February 22, 2012


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oh my goodness. this is completely awesome!!
the picture where you dumped the entire pie into the cake is by far my favorite! ha!

i am loving this and now want to go and smoosh all kinds of desserts together!! what fun!!

make another one!! make the citrus one and take more pictures!!
this is the best thing ever!!
you rock!!


i think you have the most fun office life imaginable. i mean, i didn't think you'd ever be able to surpass the creativity of office catapult construction but apparently you've taken things to a whole new level over there. SUPER funny! and SUPER creative! (and quite informative too, i must add)
yes, i think this is only the tip of the iceberg of a whole hosts of portmanteau desserts-- bring them on! and document them all! (do i smell a special new cookbook baking?)
love you! you're awesome!

Mary de B

I see this often on Pinterest: Put choc chip cookie dough in a pan, like a crust, layer oreos on top, I believe; pour brownie dough over all and bake. Looks too crazy for me to investigate further!

The most I've done is put a blob of cream cheese-egg-sugar in the middle of a banana muffin. Which is very good and I should remember to do that more often!


Wow, I don't know if I'd have the patience to cook that many deserts, though using premade ginger snaps probably help. of course these are some of my absolute favorite deserts so it sounds divine if overwhelming and sugar-fueled.

how about something with nuts (assuming nobody is allergic, of course) - pecan pie, almond nut butter spread... I'm not sure. And the citrus one sounds great.


Oh my god! Seeing these pictures is ridiculously awesome!!!
Christian told me about this and I couldn't believe you took the challenge and decided to make the monster desssert! And, oh, what a delicious monster it seems :)

I commend you for an amazing job and offer another suggestion: dark chocolate cookies (with chocolate chips) baked in a cheesecake (pudding-y, as you say) in a red velvet cake and topped with cream cheese icing!

Oh, the possibilities are sugar coma-inducingly endless!

Great job!!!


Oh my goodness! I have a sweet tooth, but I think it's too much for me!!!


i'm sorry, but this post just made me shudder in the worst way. but, i'm the kind of person that prefers my foods don't touch each other on my plate, so touching each other in the pan while baking would be a definite no no. though, i could eat a cookie, a piece of pie and a piece of cake in one sitting. good luck with your next adventure :)

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