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February 14, 2012


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You can always rely on a cat to help monitor (or perhaps hinder?!) the progress of your knitting. Happy birthday to Lily for Friday!


wow, pippin certainly looks very hard core here (in a sweet pippy sort of way). you'll be finished in no time with such an adorable watchman around!


He really does look stern. Especially in that first picture, it looks like he is saying "there is no time for picture taking, knit woman, KNIT".


The best watcher ever. He looks so sweet. Happy birthday for Lily and you for Friday! (and for me :-)).


Wow--pippin is watching closely isn't he? Good thing you have a task master on hand or Lily may never get her birthday top! ;) Really Pippen, you know that's not true.


what a good looking knitting companion. he is stern and handsome. that look he has reminds me of Carson from Downton Abbey.


Pippin looks quite serious in his duties. I think he and Beckerman would be kindred spirits as well. Can't wait to see the big reveal!

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