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February 11, 2012


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Aw...so cute! The bunny and Lily of course!


Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!!
That is the cutest series of pictures ever! What a gorgeous baby little lily was,I just want to squeeze her! And what a beautiful girl she is today. So grown up and gorgeous!
Hooray for a well loved bunny too.


The best loved gifts last a lifetime! Lovely photos!


ohhhh! i am welling up with joy! what a wonderfully precious post! i am ridiculously honored to know that bunny is still being loved and enjoyed. you have totally just made my whole week! tell lily i am sending much much much love to her and bunny! (and to you and brian too!)


p.s. and how about that smile! love those 'lost teeth' first grade grins!


a post like this is the very best gift you could ever give to a crafter :)


How great is it that Lily still loves that rabbit (and who wouldn't?)! Look at baby Lily!!!! It's incredible how grown up she is now...

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