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February 01, 2012


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Wow! That's what I call getting maximum yardage from a skein of yarn! I MUST dig out my sock yarn blankie! I have so many oddments of yarn to use up. Yours is looking great!


oooh hooray for springtree road never-ending scrumptiousness! and hooray for that adorable adorable little baby hat. love the pattern and the yarn fits it just gorgeously.
and.... since you are still looking for uses for the glorious yarn...
you know you do have two sandwich friends also knitting blankies so perhaps a smidge of that springtree gorgeousness might like to meander its way to our blankies? just sayin...


Okay, that is pretty phenomenal, I must say. the hat is adorable. how about knitted jewelry? An i-cord necklace with some beads or pendant? Lily-girl would probably love that! Baby socks! especially if you can incorporate the lotus pattern on the cuffs.


You could always go for another blanket square...or just keep it around for when you find that you REALLY need it. Also, that hat is gorgeous. The yarn matches it really well!


That's amazing! I LOVE the little hat...it's absolutely stunning.


Wow that is beautiful yarn!! And a gorgeous hat! And a lovely blankie square.
What is that cute little elephant peaking out of the skein? Maybe you don't need to knit anything more at all, he looks very snuggly in his new home.


Such a cute hat. It's a great pattern. Love the colour of the yarn too. Perhaps the last bit could make an elephant's trunk warmer for that little chap ;-) Ros


I think I love that you are determined to use every spec of the yarn more than the fact that you still have yarn left! By the way...after hearing how great this yarn is, as a birthday present to myself last year, I joined her 3 month sock yarn club (I've never done one of those)...scrumptious yarn!

All your items from the skein are great (very cute baby hat!)...and you just gave me an idea. hmmm. Anyway...I like Kathy's idea to use it in a piece of jewelry although that won't take much. Then again, I think Claire's idea is the best! ;)


pass it on to other blankie knitters. i feel like i've seen a few of them here...


Wow, that's like the never ending ball of yarn! It must be reproducing while you're not looking. Good thing it's such a gorgeous shade!

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