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February 04, 2012


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Marion Starr

A brave decision! But it looks great... Love the Ladybird, very whimsical.


Love your hair shorter, and what a great way to donate it too. Your ladybird dishcloth looks great.


i love love love the haircut linds!
and good on you for donating to locks of love.

love the lady bug dishcloth (but i love even more that the aussies call it a ladybird. i wonder if i could pull that off? probably not, i'm too midwestern. i barely get away with an occasional y'all.)


Your new hair cut is stunning! Very chic! We call them ladybirds over here too, and in my part of the UK the 'locals' call them 'bishybarnybees'!!!!


oh my goodness your new haircut is absolutely fabulous! i LOVE it! you look absolutely wonderful and i'm sure it feels so light and free! i've been talking about getting a haircut soon too but i think it's still too cold over here to cut that much off.
love the ladybug dishcloth- absolutely adorable!


LOVE the new haircut! It looks fabulous! Love the cute little dishcloth too. Have a great week. Ros


that is a fantastic cut on you! Great hair, great donation and great lady bug.


your haircut looks fantastic on you!!

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