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March 08, 2012


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Looks like you guys had a blast. And geez Pip, lighten up will ya? ;)


You two are adorable!
Also, that isn't the Stripe Study it's Color Affection. :)


Yay for friends who come to visit and craft! (And bring their iPads....;).)


Oh my goodness Melissa, I am so jealous !!! I want to hang out with you !!!!


ooh it looks like such a perfect meetup- fun! i so wish i could have come on over too!
and goodness is that shawl of melinda's gorgeous- wow!


i love how the photos in this post capture *exactly* how dorky i am :)

i had a fantastic time with you, Melissa. i should have posted some pics from my trip to your house, but that darn farmer's wife project still has me in its grasp. (i am a quilter possessed!) i will pass on some photo files to you...eventually. and, now that we won't be going to CA, i'm already dreaming of summer *and* winter weekends in LaCrosse. :)

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