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March 21, 2012


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How it does my heart good to see that they are being loved and used...rather than sitting neglected and forgotten in a drawer! And oh, Lily writing and sewing...how special! When I packaged the stationary up, I thought how appropriate that most of it had pink in some form or other. Seemed perfect for Lily! (though I have to admit I kept one set of stationary for myself...my very favorite horse ones! I may never use those but couldn't bear to let them go!). Thanks for making me happy this morning! I'm grinning ear to ear!


Oh my goodness !!! I totally had a cool collection of awesome stickers like those when I was 'little' ...whatever that means :) Haha...I'm still little. Or at least I like to think ;) But, how awesome that she gave them to Lily !!! I bet you'll have fun for ages with those babies !!! (p.s. I am SO jealous of your unicorn sticker)


Now you've got me wondering if I still have some stickers laying around! However, I *know* I still have stationary from when i was a kid. But, I like to use it for very special letters to kids. I used to have cuddly critters cards (from Current compnay - remember that??) but no paper. I do have some awesome stationary left, if i do say so myself. Looks like horses were Rachel's first love before she moved to elk - I guess she her career field was meant to be!


I was thinking about my sticker book the other day. i don't have it, more's the pity. Did you ever collect the Human Bean stickers? Those and the puffy stickers were my favourite.

Yay for blog friends sharing goodness!!


wow! those are the coolest stickers ever! ooh what a magnificently wonderful package, and i LOVE that lily sits down to write letters now. too too wonderful! and i have to say that i'm wildly impressed that lily is now appliqueing too? i can't ever figure out how to applique. i so need lily to give me a lesson.
hooray for Rachel and her amazing generosity!


Rachel rocks! What generosity! That package is awesome.
And you with your self restraint. I am amazed that you do not go through the stickers after Lily goes to bed. Or maybe you do? :)


This post brings back so many happy memories of hours spent occupied when I was little. I loved making things, one of my best Christmas presents ever was when my aunt gave me a bag full of fabric, ribbons and buttons! I was in heaven. I also had a Altair design pad which I coloured in meticulously! Happy days!


i think unicorns are going to make a comeback. there is 80's style all over target right now.


AAAggghhhh sticker collection!!!! I'm pretty excited too! What a most excellent horse block!

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