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March 07, 2012


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wowza woman! you are blowing my mind with your awesomeness!!
you quilted *zoë's name* into her quilt?!?!?!?
how completely amazing are you!!!

i can not wait to watch your talent unleashed as you continue to explore your new craft!!


wow! i'm super impressed! how incredible are you?!!?
well i'd say your first attempt is gobsmackingly impressive! can't wait to see all the new things that blossom from this newly discovered talent of yours!

oh and i totally agree, looking through melinda's awesomeness always makes me wish i knew how to sew properly. she's amazing.


can you believe that i fell asleep on the couch last night trying to find the clearest quilt binding tutorial for you? needless to say, i didn't have the best luck. but, i would just suggest playing around with piecing and making quilt tops like mad and never getting around to finishing any of them. oops! did i just give away my secret?

anyway, your sketches are fabulous and your gray with orange thread quilting trials are *fantastic*!! Zoë is a lucky girl to get a piece done by you :)


Eh what's another hole in the head! Awesome first attempt, and Zoe is one lucky girl!

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