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April 11, 2012


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hooray for finding a fabulous yarn store!!
and only a half-hour by train? perfect! you can knit on the way there and back!

i'm loving the yarn you bought - especially the one on the top with the purple, olive, and magenta.

the cowl looks completely lovely!! did your mother-in-law love it? i'm sure she did! how could she not?


Oh my goodness!!! I am so jealous. You've probably made it to the junior Mecca (after the Shetlands) for knitters. So cool. I would not have been able to leave with just three, I am quite certain.

Ellen Billman

Beautiful!! The store, the yarn, and YOU!


I love the detective work. The cowl is absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want to knit one. I love, love the colour. Ahh! Another one for my list.


Omg, that store is so amazing! I love the colorway on the top of that picture- I'm always a sucker for purples.


Love the look of the store...very nice! Gorgeous colour you have used for the cowl too :)


Wow, what a store! I am impressed with your restraint at just going home with three. Your selections are impeccable. I especially like that greeny blue business. It looks so good on you, do you have enough to make one for you too?


Gorgeous cowl!

And I've been in that Munchen train station ....


pretty yarn to pet and gaze at. you look lovely in that cowl. maybe you need to keep it to snuggle with?


Love the cowl you knit, I too admire your restraint!!

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